Click on the ads to earn TFB tokens!

Advertising is a marketing tool in which the consumer has information about a product or service and is used extensively in the business world. By the development in the digital world, the delivery and response of the advertisement to the consumer is very important for companies. Especially in today, digital marketing is increasing rapidly and ads publishers gain significant economic profits.

The platform offers a new business model in which users who interact with advertising can earn the reward. With its innovative approach, the feedback (asking for information about the content of the advertisement, an evaluation about the advertisement, etc.) about the ads on the application is rewarded by the advertiser. Thus, the advertiser company ensures that the advertisement is viewed and read. The advertiser can send the award as a TFB token directly to the user . In addition, the company will be able to deliver consumer-specific discount coupons that show an interest in its advertisement over the system. Thus, the user will be able to take action on advertising without sharing his personal information.

Analyzing the responses to the advertisement is very valuable information for the company in terms of processes such as product, campaign, new advertisement. With the TrueFeedBack data analytics platform, effective reports can be created to companies quickly to analyze this information.